Bob’s Barbecue

This past January at the VeraSage international conference in Napa, CA, Ron Baker made a statement that truly intrigued me.  He mentioned if you want to discredit something (in this case the billable hour), you should ridicule it.

Great idea, I thought.  Now, how can I use it in our business?

Then it came to me, why not collaborate with VeraSage Fellow, CPA and professional stand-up comedian, Greg Kyte?

The result is Bob’s Barbecue.  Greg and I intend to make a series of videos focusing on all of the problems created by the billable hour in a business management software implementation.

Greg’s team did a fantastic job and created an incredibly professional and hilarious video that truly hits the mark. 

Ready for a pulled pork sandwich?  And you just might be lucky enough to be able to afford some hush puppies!


  1. This is pure genius. The script is great and the acting superb. I smell CLIO!

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