Book Title?

I haven’t been blogging very much lately, so big thanks to Ed for keeping up!

I’ve been working on my new book since December.

My publisher (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) and I are struggling with the title of the book, so I thought I’d solicit the “wisdom of the crowds,” because there is so much of it in this community.

Structure of the Book

The book deals with much more than just implementing Value Pricing. When professional firms eliminate billable hours and timesheets, it changes the DNA of the firm, not just its pricing, but everything: its marketing, it value proposition, how it communicates with clients and manages their expectations, what it measures for customers and team members, and so forth.

The book is actually proposing a new Business Model, from “We sell time” to “We sell intellectual capital.”

It will have a toolkit, along with a 7 step process for pricing an engagement. Moreover, an Appendix for each professional sector—advertising agencies, CPA, Law and IT firms— and will include customized checklists, sample forms, examples, issues, etc., from that particular profession.

So, it’s a Toolkit + Reference Book + an explanation of a revolutionary business model. It’s a one-stop read that is not dependent on reading any of my other books.

Some Titles So Far

The Timeless Practice: VeraSage Institute’s Revolutionary Business Model for Professional Firms

Transitioning to Timeless: VeraSage Institute’s Guide to Selling Intellectual Capital, Not Time

From Time to Timeless: VeraSage Institute’s Guide to Selling Intellectual Capital, Not Time

The Timeless Firm: VeraSage Institute’s Revolutionary Business Model for Professional Firms

Professional Firm 3.0: VeraSage Institute’s Revolutionary Business Model for Professional Firms

Timeless: The Professional’s Guide to Profitability, Effectiveness, Intellectual Capital, and Value Pricing. Thanks to Ed for the subtitle on this one!

Any suggestions folks? There’s a bottle of Dan Morris’ finest wine in it for the best suggestion.


  1. Thanks Ted,

    The original title was “Value Pricing Toolkit.”

    As you know, there’s been so much chatter about Value Pricing, especially in the legal world, I almost think VP is becoming passe.

    However, there is a lot of talk about “new business models” across all professionals sectors, but I have yet to see one new business model proposed.

    So I wanted to emphasize that in the main title, and keep VP in the subtitle (VP is obviously a big part of the book).

    I do like your title though, so will add to list. Truly appreciate your thoughts–and happy new year!

  2. “Timeless Value: How to Sell Intellect, Not Time”

  3. Ron Baker says:

    Thanks, Brian, that’s fantastic.

    Keep them coming!

  4. philip Arnfield says:

    Moving from Time to Results:

    At Last,a Business Model for Professional Firms Focusing on What Customers Value

  5. Getting Paid for What You Know: It has nothing to do with time

  6. Chris Jones says:

    Time to change: Transform the future of your professional service firm through value pricing

    The Times They Are A-Changing: Revolutionise your professional service firm through value pricing

    Sorry, has to be PSF rather than PKF in the title – only the converted will recognise PKF

  7. Ron,

    For the subtitle I suggest:

    “The Complete Toolkit to Unlock the Financial Potential of Your Service Firm Using Value Pricing.”


    “The Complete Guide to Implement Value Pricing and Unlock The Income Potential of Your Service Firm.”


    “The Definitive Guide . . .”

    Off hand I don’t have a great idea for the main title, yet, which should be short and more dramatic.

    Perhaps, “Service Firms 2.0: Value Pricing”


  8. It’s going home time here but I have a few suggestions

    1.Time Immemorial to Value Immemorial: A Toolkit for Professional Service Firms on How to Bill More Profitably

    2. The End of Time: Profitability through Value Billing for Professional Service Firms

    3. Putting an end to the Tyranny of Time: A Professional Service Firms Toolkit for Profitable Pricing through Value and the Sale of Intellectual Capital

  9. Why not just use “Burn The Timesheets,” or “Burn Your Timesheets,” or something like that and then the best descriptive subhead you come up with?

  10. Wow, thank you so much everyone, you’re blowing me away with these great titles!

    Keep them coming!

  11. How about:

    “Reinventing The Customer Relationship” as the main title.

    If you need a subtitle maybe something like: “Revolutionize Your Firm By Trashing Your Timesheets”

  12. Matthew Tol says:

    As Time Goes – Buy.

    Value Pricing for the 21st Century

  13. Thanks John, Matthew and Brad.

    Chuck, not exactly sure, but my guess is Oct or November of this year.

    Keep them coming, these are great!

  14. Ron,

    I’m excited about this book, looking forward to its release.

    Here’s my go at it:

    “Trash Your Timesheets: The Professional Firm’s Guide to Revolutionary Pricing”

  15. Celeste Hutchison says:

    how about,

    What Your Clients Want: Value, Not Time


    Profiting From Intellectual Capital: A Revolutionary New Model


    Tools For the Coming Value Revolution: The Professional’s Guide

  16. Julie Payne says:

    My slight twist:

    Timeless Inspiration: The Effective Guide to Implementing Value Pricing.

    After having worked in an accounting practice that has had value pricing implemented for nearly 3 years, timeless and effectiveness are two key words that shine through.

    All the best with the book and title.

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