The UK’s best accountancy practices

Steve Pipe, founder and head of research for AVN, an association of over 200 UK accountancy firms, has published a very inspiring book, The UK’s Best Accountancy Practices.

The book profiles 41 firms, all of them having implemented Value Pricing, some trashed timesheets, and one has started a ROWE.

It’s great to see these ideas diffuse in the UK, and this book will spread the word and provide the impetus leaders need to change the dying business model of “We sell time.”

My only (minor) quarrel with the book is it does not include our own Paul Kennedy—and his firm OBK—who I’m sure blazed the trail long before any of the firms profiled.

Congratulations to Steve Pipe and the AVN Network for advancing the posterity of the profession.


  1. FYI – The hardback is available at ?45 from the publisher and ?38.25 from (not currently available on

    But if you buy it from my website – – not only is it cheaper, but for every book bought that way a child in Africa gets access to pure drinking water for life as a thank you by way of my partnership with paul Dunn?s B1G1.

    So if you end up wanting a hardback copy, I would invite you to go via that route if possible

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