Unofficial Pre-annoucement

I am pleased to unofficially pre-announce that Ron Baker and I will be hosting a radio show on VoiceAmerica.

The show is entitled The Soul of Enterprise and will be broadcast on Fridays at 1pm Pacific Time in the United States. Shows will be archived and available for playback on both the VoiceAmerica site and via iTunes.

The show is being sponsored by SageOne and will kick off on the most appropriate of days – July 4 – American Independence Day. Our first show will be about breaking free from the tyranny of Taylorism (Frederick not Swift).

We have created a special mailing list for the show. Sign up on the left or go here. Please feel free to pass this link along to your friends and family so that more than Ron and my parents will be listening come July 4.

As they say in the broadcast biz, stay tuned, more to come!


  1. Episode #1 Preview

    Declaring Independence from the Tyranny of Taylorism July 4, 2014 Ron and Ed discuss the Cult of

  2. Show Summary, July 11th: The First Law of Marketing: The Value of Value

    On this show, Ron and Ed contrast and compare the labor theory of value and the subjective theory of

  3. Episode #3 Preview – All Prices are Contextual

    The Second Law of Marketing: All Prices are Contextual July 18, 2014 On our July 11th show we discussed

  4. January 9th, 2015 Show Notes: Interview with Adam Davidson

    On Friday, January 9, 2015, Ron and Ed interviewed  Adam Davidson , a journalist focusing on business

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