VeraSage Institute was founded by CPAs Ron Baker, Dan Morris, and Justin Barnett, as a think tank dedicated to promulgating and teaching value-based pricing, economics, and human capital development to professionals and businesses around the world.

Today VeraSage includes fellows around the world and from knowledge professions including accounting, consulting, law, technology, and advertising.

Founders and Senior Fellows regularly speak, write and consult on pricing and other practice-management topics—most of them have run their own knowledge practices timelessly and teach from years of experience. Practicing Fellows currently run their practices timelessly and are role models for other firms wanting to implement better business models. And our G. Robert Newhart Non-value-added Fellow is a CPA and nationally recognized comedian.


Ron Baker
Justin Barnett
Dan Morris

Senior Fellows

Peter Byers
John Chisholm
Paul Dunn
Michelle Golden
Ed Kless
Jay Shepherd
Kurt Siemers
Tim Williams

Practicing Fellows

Mark Bailey
Kirk Bowman
Mark Chinn
Daryl Golemb
Brendon Harrex
Paul Kennedy
Christopher Marston
Tim McKey
Paul O’Byrne RIP
John Shaver
Adrian G. Simmons
Matthew Tol

G. Robert Newhart Non-value-added Fellow

Greg Kyte