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Some CEOs understand blogs while others treat them as PR departments where everything has to be vetted by a wordsmith before publication, making them sound sterile, not to mention boring.

But that dilutes a blog purpose, which is a place for people to be humans, not mouth pieces for faceless corporations. One CEO whom I’ve always admired is Bill Marriott (son of founder JW Marriott [1900-1985]). I recently came across his blog, which really impressed me.

Here’s a man not afraid to express an opinion, challenge government policy, share personal stories, interesting anecdotes, etc.

I’ve always admired the Marriott empire, especially after reading the biography of its founder, JW Marriott, by Robert O’Brien. This paperback is usually in the night stand at any Marriott hotel. It’s one of the best business books I’ve read, just a great story very well told by a fantastic writer.

The son, Bill Marriott, wrote his own book, The Spirit to Serve Marriott’s Way, which is also excellent. It taught me a lot about Total Quality Service (TQS), which is the prerequisite for Value Pricing.

One lesson from the father I will always remember: “Becoming a great company is easier than staying a great company. Success is never final.”

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