Episode #10 Preview – Corporate Social Responsibility: Progress or PR?

On Friday September 5th’s Show

greenwash-comicEd and Ron will explore the Corporate Social Responsibility movement, since even the most ardent defenders of capitalism seem to have contempt for businesspeople and entrepreneurs. An often-heard remark is: The problem with capitalism is capitalists. It appears capitalism suffers from a unique paradox, it’s better in practice than it sounds in theory. Businesses are often praised for what they do worst, e.g., social work, fighting inflation, reducing welfare, and denounced for what they do best, e.g., create jobs, wealth, and goods and services people desire. Profits and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive goals. The business world instills, and requires, the practice of a number of virtues: diligence, industriousness, prudence in risk taking, reliability, kindness to strangers, customers, and fidelity in personal relationships. Are not these the same virtues parents try to teach their children?

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