Episode #15 Preview: The Best Learning Method Ever Devised: After Action Reviews

On Friday the October 10, 2014 Show

The average knowledge worker is so busy doing they do not have the time to reflect on what they have done, let alone discover major breakthroughs. The Army’s use of After Action Reviews began in 1973, not as a knowledge management tool but as a method to restore the values, integrity, and accountability that had diminished during the Vietnam War. Perhaps we ignore innovations in the military because its mission, to break things and kill people, is so divergent from that of a civilian organization. But this is far too parochial an attitude; and once again we discover a useful practice from another sector. In fact, because it is such a useful method for turning tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge, not to mention to foster learning and sharing of knowledge throughout the organization, Ed and Ron will devote this show to discussing how to conduct an AAR and harness the power of this incredible strategy to capture and leverage knowledge.

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