Episode #17 Preview: What Are You Worth?

On Friday the October 25, 2014 Show

In today’s competitive business environment, low self-esteem is a competitive disadvantage while high self-esteem among your people confers a competitive advantage. Yet how can folks feel good about themselves, their work, their service to the customer and the greater community if they believe they are commodities, and are constantly being beat up over their price? Ed and Ron will tackle the issue of self-esteem, heeding what Lord Chesterfield wrote: A man had better overvalue than undervalue himself. Mankind in general will take his own word for his own merit. …know your own value, whatever it may be, and act upon that principal; but take great care to let nobody discover that you do know your own value. Whatever real merit you have, other people will discover; and people always magnify their own discoveries, as they lessen those of others.

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