15 Seconds of Fame – Dan Morris Interviewed by CBS 5 of San Francisco

For those of you who care to see what my office doesn’t look like (I used an additional office because the fire marshal hadn’t approved of mine) or if you would like to see my Wednesday Sweater, or finally, just how much hair I have lost, please watch the clip referenced here.


One of the benefits of working in a Firm of the Future where my day isn’t always fully scheduled (even though I am always busy) is that I was able to shift my afternoon around after receiving a call at 12:45 for a 2:00 PM interview request. I was interviewed because when I met the reporter, I volunteered to be of any assistance I could and he remember that. He used many of my words as his sound bites and I had less than an hour to prepare. Team work, media training, and the luck of answering the phone at the right time provided valuable credibility to me and my firm.

Have a great day.


  1. So where did you code this on your timesheet? 😉

    Seriously, nice work Dan, although I wish you would have gone the extra mile and declared that the IRS need to be put out of business.

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