A Question about Hiring Practices

Once again, I was leading a dialogue about hiring people. And once again, it was a group of baby boomers in management roles. And once again, the position of most of the room was the same.

“These generation Y people (30 and under) are lousy hires.”

“They expect the world to be just given to them.”

“They don’t get that they need to earn their way.”

Then, the question suddenly appeared to me. Why is it that the generation who said, “Don’t trust anyone over 30,” now refuses to hire anyone under 30?



  1. Ed Kless, Senior Fellow, Verasage Institute says:


    Thanks for your great comments and the link to the article. I have read several like this. You are right on target with your comment that is going to take a “different management style to create results.”

    I am not saying this was true of your friend’s, but I have found that boomers in many cases refuse to adjust their styles to suit these workers. In my experience they can be incredibly productive in a much shorter period of time. Hence, my reason for posting this here – what will be the effect of these more effective workers on the almighty billable hour?

    If by “performance standards” we mean hours, we are in trouble. Gen X and Y are smarter than us in terms of effectiveness. (Just not as experienced.) Why take 30 hours when you can do it in 10? What do you mean I get paid less to do it faster?

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