An Entirely New Realm to Increase Efficiency

In 1945, George Bernard Shaw wrote to The Times regarding the recently deployed atomic bomb.

He thought the second “b” in the word bomb was pointless, wasting enormous hours of needless writing.

“I can scribble the word “bomb” barely legibly 18 times in one minute and “bom” 24 times, saving 25 per cent per minute by dropping the superfluous b.

In the British Commonwealth, on which the sun never sets, and in the United States of North America, there are always millions of people continually writing, writing, writing…Those who are writing are losing time at the rate of 131,400 X x per annum…

What a fantastic idea!

Imagine the amount of billable hours that could be freed up by dropping superfluous words from emails, briefs, letters, memos, etc. The mind boggles at such efficiency gains and cost savings.

This needs to be another tool in the box of Lean Six Sigma, one which knowledge workers should gladly welcome.

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