An Emerging Canadian Trailblazer

Last Saturday evening I received this email from Ken Morrison of Provision Accounting Group in Richmond, British Columbia.

This is definitely an HSD.


I am an “older” chartered accountant in Richmond British Columbia (forty years in the business). I have two younger associates (29 and 34) who are preparing to take over. A staff of six for a total of nine. We have been very successful over the last four years marketing (the old guy young guy combo is deadly).

But Nathan (29) found your site and challenged us on the value pricing concept, scrap timesheets etc., we have now instituted the fixed price agreement for all new clients and are going to transit existing clients over the next months. Much of what you advocate we were doing, culling poor clients etc but the fixed price agreement and value pricing is revolutionizing our business.

I personally am for the first time in forty plus years am free from needing to rationalize my pricing to an hourly rate and can price value. It is changing my life.

The one other change I have made is that since we are giving the client a fixed price and a cash back guarantee we are asking for quarterly payments on all accounts. For example, if the fixed price is $5,000 and the year end is December 31, we ask for $1,250 on June 30, $1,250 on September 30, $1,250 on December 31, and the final payment on March 31, which is our latest deadline for completion of the work.

You can imagine how this is reducing our work in progress and account receivable balances.

The old guy is ready to scrap timesheets now, the young guys are holding back.

Thanks for your leading the change.

Ken Morrison

Thanks Ken.

Congratulations and keep us posted on your progress. I can’t wait to publish your Trailblazer case study after you’ve eliminated timesheets.


  1. Ken Morrison says:

    to follow up on the note above we have now entered into several fixed price agreements and converted several long term clients. the response has been temendously encouraging to say the least

    we have also decided that scrapping timesheets is the only way to be truly free so that is now happening

    we are starting to work on KPI’s and i am wondering if anyone can help on the systems being used to record resuls and monitor the effectiveness


    ken morrison

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