An LSD (Low Satisfaction Day)

We often talk at VeraSage about our HSD (High Satisfaction Days), however, I thought it would be fair to post an example of the reverse.

Last week I received this email from someone who attended my workshop on consulting theory. (The firm name has been redacted to protect the guilty.)

What I realize is that project management is really simple but it requires a whole new way of doing things.

Everything here at ZYX firm is so very complex and it makes it really difficult to do a good job for the customer. Most of the problems can be pointed to the billable hour and staff moral is so low that hardly anyone gives fig about the outcome.

Of course the fundamental issue is with the management team revolving around control and the misuse of power. It will take a miracle to see some changes around here.

Clearly, this person will be leaving this firm soon, and that is a good thing. What is sad is that there are some many people out their who continue to labor in firms mired in the muck of the billable hour. If you are one of them do something today by planning your escape. You are not a slave! Sign the Declaration today! Or, post an anonymous comment in this space declaring your own emancipation.

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