Article by Tim Williams and Ron Baker published in Advertising Age

Tim Williams and I had the good fortune to present at the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in May in Phoenix, Arizona, where Tim presented the results of a survey of agencies and marketers of value drivers, while I presented Measure What Matters: Using Key Predictive Indicators.

We included some of the highlights of the survey findings, along with a model we believe agencies and marketers need to move towards to create a value-based relationship, in an article that has now been published (June 11, 2007) in Advertising Age: New Value-Based Comp Model Needed.

Tim and I have been working on this value-based model (tentatively titled LIVe—Leading Indicators of Value—since we met in 2005. It’s gone through several iterations, and we know it will go through many more as it begins to get implemented in marketers and agencies alike. Tim has actually implemented it with all his clients in his consulting firm, with excellent results.

If you are interested in the LIVE model, contact either Tim Williams or myself for more information.

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