Baker’s Newest Book Now Available

Measuring What Matters to Clients: Using Key Predictive Indicators is released by Wiley & Sons.

Baker’s been thinking hard again and we are the beneficiaries. In his latest book, he discusses the types of measurements professional service firms should avoid like the plague (and why) and what measurements PSFs should focus on instead. This book is a must read for anyone interested in running a superior practice or business.

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  1. Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for the comment. I did send the book out, in manuscript form, to approximately two dozen people, and then they receive a copy once the book is published.

    You can look inside the book at Amazon, and eventually the publisher will post a downloadable chapter or two.

    But the biggest reason I don’t send out more is I’m in production, not distribution. But I’d be happy to send you some chapters if you are interested.

  2. Ron’s book is a must read for every CPA! Whether you are a CPA in a firm or CPA in business & industry, this book will help you understand how to “measure what matters” in your organizations. The book is useful, practical and full of solid research backing Ron’s theories. I especially like the way Ron lays out the new “value-based” business equation (see the heading of this blog) and the definition of Intellectual Capital (Human, Structural, & Social) and how to manage these for value creation.

    We had the opportunity to meet Ron on a recent trip to Maryland and are excited about bringing him into our Business Learning Institute and sharing his wisdom with more successful CPAs!

    Thanks Ron!

  3. Matthew Tol says:

    If you want to learn value pricing, you need to buy/borrow/steal this book!

    Having had the privilege of reviewing it, I am amazed at the depth and clarity of thought that Ron has put in to it. He makes the sometimes esoteric world of IC and the like very understandable but, best of all, it makes value pricing immensely practical and implentable!

    Well done Ron – I hope you have unbounded success flowing from this piublication.

  4. Every accountant and CPA worth their salt should devour this book and embrace its message. I’m just re-reading my highlighted notes in the book which means I’m reading almost the whole book again!!! The future of the accountancy profession lies in ‘Measuring what matters to the customer’. Thanks for a truly insightful book Ron

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