Coming Clean — as it were

May I express my thanks to the several of you who emailed me your concern regarding my “suspension” for HKT. The post is satire and as with all satire, especially that of Jonathan Swift, it has very serious underpinnings and I do not apologize in any way for posting it.

To spell it out plainly, the satire is that I was suspended from the VeraSage Institute for reading a book and increasing my knowledge. This is an absurd notion on its face because we are a think tank — learning new stuff is what we do! I must say that the dearth of professional’s (and many other business people’s) reading astounds me. I have begun asking my audiences whenever I speak about the number of books (business or otherwise) that they read. The vast majority of them read one to two a year!

Many of these people are leaders in their organizations. Do any of you want to be lead by people with the intellectual curiosity of a copepod?

In case you are curious, the post was parody of a story appearing in the New York Times last year on the suspension of New York Mets pitcher Guillermo Mota. To read satire at its best, take a look at Swift’s A Modest Proposal. This is to which I aspire, but alas, to which I cannot hold even the faintest of candles.


  1. Ed,

    Being of a suspicious nature plus the fact that your “satire” flew in the face of all that you and Ron so graciously preach, I wasn’t buying it. I will admit that I did have some “Oh crap” moments before you finally ‘fessed up.


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