Congratulations Hugh Williams

Congratulations to H M Williams Chartered Accountants for receiving the first ever award for the most innovative medium sized UK accountancy firm from the 2020 Group.

Senior partner Hugh Williams, author of Life Without Timesheets, accepted the award on behalf of the firm. Here is what Hugh wrote to me:

Dear Ron,

In case you have not heard, there has been a small break-through on this side of the pond.

Dear Chris [Frederiksen] and the rest of the wonderful team in the 2020 Group have kindly awarded our firm the prize for being “the most innovative medium-sized UK accountancy firm for 2007.” A great part of the citation emphasised how we had done away with timesheets and published our book Life without Timesheets (St Edwards Press Ltd).

Up until this moment the general view over here was that I (our firm) lived on a different planet and so, as you can imagine, this award means a huge amount to both me, as well as I hope to you and the rest of us who believe so wholeheartedly in Value Pricing and the need for this philosophy to be practiced everywhere.

As you know I do really still live on this planet but, right now, it’s difficult keeping my feet on the ground!

I hope and pray that this may prove to be a small milestone in our international quest.

Thanks for all your training!

Yours ever,


See the official press release here.

Congratulations to Hugh and his Team for continuing to blaze the trail. I hope this means Chris Frederiksen is now an advocate of trashing timesheets?

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