Does it come in square?

It continues to amaze me that professionals can sometimes be so daft when it comes to new ideas. With pricing on purpose, it is not even a new or radical idea. Pricing the intended results before the sale is standard practice everywhere but the professions. The obsession with cost has cost more than we will ever know.

Recently I came across a series of videos from The Idea Group. Here is one on the invention of the wheel.

The scary part is I have been in this meeting with many professionals when talking about pricing on purpose. “It could roll away,” becomes “I won’t know my costs.” “I could smash your foot,” becomes “I might lose money.” “Does it come in square?” becomes, “Can you give me any assurances that this will work?”


  1. This is SO unfair – nobody told me the last partners’ meeting I attended was being filmed.

    Seriously though, I remember two hours spent deciding which fax to buy (it was decided by the red dot on front of one model) and no time on the important issues.

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