Feedback on Measure What Matters to Customers: Using Key Predictive Indicators

Steve Orleow, Partner Develpment Manager with Sage Software in Australia, sent me this e-mail yesterday after reading Measure What Matters to Customers: Using Key Predictive Indicators. What’s interenting to me is Steve’s a Chartered Accountant, and this book is not particularly kind to the accounting/MBA way of thinking. In fact, it’s a shot across the bow of both, because I think both disciplines are largely responsible for sucking the passion and entreprenuerial spirit out of corporate life.

Hi Ron,

I have just finished reading Measure what Matters to Customers which was a gift from Ed Kless when he was in Australia to share his knowledge with our Sage Resellers.

Your book is outstanding and should be required reading for any professional services courses. I am a Chartered Accountant and have been struggling for many years as I was taught to understand life by the numbers. I do not regret the education, it is extremely valuable but I have developed a strong instinct (gut) over many years and my training continued to force me to analyse and rationalize this instinct. This conservative ‘training’ is likely to have held me back from following the instinctual path. I have over the last few years, discovered that my instinct is more valuable than my ability to ‘account’ for issues.

However, your book provides a compelling case to trust your instinct and live by the “emotion’s of life” rather than the “analysed and intellectualized life.” I do not think that I am discarding the numbers, as they have real value, but I can now better understand their quantum of value in the entire process.

I have learned from other mentors that the greatest gift a person can pass on is one that allows the recipient to discover that they have greater potential than they previously thought and inspire them to reach higher. You have achieved that for me and I thank you for the gift.

I look forward to meeting you one day and hopefully contribute towards the thinking that you are part of.


Steve Orleow

Partner Development Manager

Thank you, Steve.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much your email means to me. One never knows how a book is going to be received, especially one like this that is such a mind-shift change.

I am a [recovering] CPA, so your journey resonates deeply with me. I, too, thought the world revolved around numbers, and it was a hard slog to move away from that paradigm. They still have their place, of course, but I worry that a lot of businesses only care about numbers and not customer experience, let alone value.

Not to self-promote, but as a CA you may be interested in my forthcoming book, Mind Over Matter. I think you’d find more reason to doubt our prior lives. I’ll get one to Ed for you.

Thank you, Steve. I’m humbled beyond words, and hope I get to meet you in future. I certainly have a tremendous amount of respect for your brilliant colleague.


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