Finally, a book that assists in decision-making

While browsing in Barnes and Noble this weekend with my wife, Christine, and son, Sean, both of whom appear in Ron Baker’s latest book, Measure What Matters to Customers. I came across the ultimate book! Sorry, Ron. No, it is not a new translation of the Bible or Qur’an. Rather, it is an innocent little book entitled Geek Logik by Garth Sundem.

Finally, someone has written a book with seriously practical implications. This book allows the buyer to apply algebraic equations to many of life’s difficult questions and after solving each equation, you have your answer to the posed question. Sample questions include:

    Should I get a tattoo?
    Can I still wear tight jeans?
    Is it time to see a therapist?
    How many beers should I have at the company picnic?
    Should I call in sick to work?
    Do I have a snowball’s chance in hell with her?

Forget Measure What Matters to Customers, all you get with that is wishy-washy soft-stuff crap about “on time performance,” “lost luggage,” and “baseball statistics.” Geek Logik boils it all down to equations we can understand. If Mr. Sundem had only included an equation for “How much should I charge this customer?” life would be simple. Garth we need a sequel!

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