“How to Value Price: Quick Implementation Method

Having delivered three Value Pricing Boot Camps with Ron Baker in the past nine months, the question that causes the most consternation is “How do I change my company in order to begin value pricing?” My usual answer is that this is the wrong question. If it is important, you will find your own way. However, after thinking about it I believe I have come up with another alternative—start a new company and compete with yourself.

Seriously, I think it might be easier to just start over. Go and reincorporate with a new, slightly different version of your current name (or change your name altogether); hire a few of your people into the new entity and get started. Begin by marketing your new company in a completely new way focusing exclusively on creating value. During your new sales process have your new company ask all the questions that uncover value. Your old company should perform the same old way—guessing at what the customer wants and guessing at what the number of hours will be. Each company should prepare separate proposals, one value priced, the other based on your old method. See who wins.

My bet is on the new value pricing organization.


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