HSD: Young Professional from New Zealand Reviews Mind Over Matter

I received a wonderful email last week that reaffirms my faith that VeraSage is making an enormous difference in the professional sectors, around the world.

I’ve long believed that if we are going to get firms to adopt Firm of the Future practices, we must get in front of Young Professionals, the leaders of tomorrow.

One such leader is Art, from New Zealand, who sent me the following email, providing an enormous HSD—High Satisfaction Day.

Dear Ron

You may be surprised to receive this email but I felt compelled to write to you and pass on my sincere appreciation as I finished your book, Mind Over Matter, in one evening and it profoundly changed the way I view my future and see the world. I believe your book had a profound effect on me as George Gilder’s Wealth and Poverty had on you back in 1981.

The ironic thing is that I am also an accountant and am studying towards my final CPA exam in October. I stumbled across your book at the university’s library while I was wondering around, browsing Peter Drucker’s books

To top it up, Peter Drucker is also your favourite Management writer. No one here at my workplace even heard of Drucker while I have been reading his books since my university years. And as far as Drucker’s principle goes, the one that I have been living with on a daily basis is, “The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

Ron—I wrote a long email but my key message is to express my gratitude for your ideas and example. Thank you Ron and I wish you all the best.

Best Wishes,

Art was then kind enough to write the second review of Mind Over Matter on Amazon.com, which reads:

I stumbled across a copy of Mind over Matter while studying for my CPA examination in the library. I borrowed it and finished it in one evening. I am a young professional who has been thinking about what he wants to do with his career and hence his future. This book, luckily, does not tell me “what” my future should be, but instead it made me think about the “why” of my future direction in life.

A young professional, particularly those who are serious about their careers and self-development, should read this book for many reasons:

  1. This book will challenge your current worldview about professional knowledge industry and the role your “intellectual capital” can enhance your capability as a future leader.
  2. This book draws from the world’s greatest thinkers and economists, combining with the author’s proposition, to provide a rich discussion about what it takes to be a first-rate knowledge worker in the 21st century.
  3. The author’s own life story will serve as an inspiration for many young professionals to “fly higher” and be brave enough to live their dreams and not settling for anything less.

I am so grateful to have found this little gem and I hope you will feel the same after reading it. The most amazing about being human is our mind, and this book tells you why our mind needs to be trained to achieve its potentials.

Thanks Art, I look forward to following your career path. I know you will make a dent in the world.

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