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Here’s a great email any writer loves to receive.

Hi folks,

Ron’s book has definitely revolutionized the way I bill my services.

I bought his original book ‘The Accountant’s Guide to Value Pricing.’ [sic, actually, the title is The Professional’s Guide to Value Pricing]. It cost so much that I treated it very gingerly, thinking I might return it, until I read about the first 20 pages and realized it was pure gold.

I realize that Baker has now issued new editions with a new title which is cool. But I am trying to find, without luck so far, a copy of the original ‘Accountants Guide to Value Pricing’ either new or used. I imagine it’s out of print but does anybody have any hanging around that I could buy or otherwise get my hands on.


Walter Fey, CPA

Hi Walter,

Thanks for the inquiry. Maybe you haven’t been able to locate a copy of the book since the title you are using is incorrect? The official title is The Professional’s Guide to Value Pricing, which was the title from edition’s one and two. The third edition through the sixth dropped “The” from the title. The first two editions were published by Harcourt Brace Professional Publishing, the third and fourth by Aspen Publishers, and the fifth and sixth by CCH, Inc.

I have seen old editions being sold on Amazon, while others tell me there are some on eBay from time to time (my brother always tells me he sells his copies on eBay!). I’m not sure which edition you have or want, but I can tell you that each new edition contains substantial updated material, with the 6th edition being the most recent. I’ve also written three other books since Professional’s Guide to Value Pricing, all published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. You can find them here.

I hope this helps, Walter. Thank you for reading my work. It’s music to my ears that it has revolutionized how you price your services.


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