“I’d Rather Sleep Under a Bridge Than Go Back to Timesheets”

VeraSage Fellow, Tim McKey (from Baton Rouge, LA) says, “I’d rather sleep under a bridge than go back to timesheets.” If that doesn’t convey how much of an improvement value pricing is, I don’t know what will. Make no mistake, though, Tim needn’t sleep under any bridge! His income isn’t exactly worse with a Value Pricing approach.

On Monday, Oct 22, in Las Vegas, meet and hear from Tim McKey and many others who have taken the path toward building a Firm of the Future (including me). Others present will include: Dan Morris (www.cpadudes.com) and Daryl Golemb from California firms; Peter Byers, Yan Zhu and Brendon Harrex (speaking) from New Zealand; and Chris Marston (also speaking) from Boston. In addition to Chris and Brendon’s presentations, you’ll have a chance to ask the rest of us, any questions you might have.

If you really are curious about “how” to break free of hourly billing, you need to be in Las Vegas.

At least 8 VeraSage Fellows/Founders (from Accounting & Law) and several employees of their Firms of the Future will be there. The night of the 21st and 22nd, many of us will be hanging out at a Rio lounge to talk with attendees.

It’s a rare opportunity to have a whole bunch of “converts” in one place. Do come! And pick our brains.

And spend the day at the Rio with VeraSage on Monday. Seriously, it’s only $129 (just to cover room & A/V costs). Rio room nights Sun and Mon are only about $100.

Go here to sign up for Monday’s session: https://www.onlineregistrationcenter.com/register.asp?m=187&c=53

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