Ideas Having Sex

The title comes from Matt Ridley’s latest book, The Rational Optimist. It’s a great read on how wealth is created.

Since wealth comes from ideas, it’s worth asking: Where do good ideas come from?

Author Steven Johnson provides a provocative explanation in this TED talk.

Well worth watching.

A companion article was posted recently on VeraSage Trailblazer Matthew Tol’s Blog. It’s long, but again, worth reading.

It discusses how technology is hindering our ability to take time out and think—an essential activity if we want good ideas.

Being connected 24/7 is the ultimate confusion of activity with results, and even though there are more positives than negatives from all of our new technology, there’s no doubt in my mind that it is an enabler in hindering us from taking time out to think—much like the billable hour and timesheet.

Would love to hear from you on these topics.

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