Introducing Shelfari

Hat tip to Ed Kless for turning me on to Shelfari, a resource that allows readers to share, discuss, rate, tag, and organize books onto your own bookshelf.

It’s like standing in front of someone’s bookshelf in their office. If you are what you read, then your bookshelf can tell others a lot about you.

Since we are asked all the time what books we would recommend, Shelfari is a dynamic way you can keep up-to-date with what we are reading. If you find a book that looks interesting on someone’s shelf, it’s very easy to put it up on yours.

You will find an example of my shelf under our Resources, Recommended Reading section.

This displays what I’m currently reading, as well as my all-time best business books. If you scroll over the title, my review pops up, along with my 1-5 star rating.

If you want more information, visit my shelf here. Below the shelf you will find many tags, sorted by topic—history, business, politics, economics, ethics, price theory, etc.

If you click on the “bbb” tag, you will find my all-time top 100 business books, though there are more than 100.

You will also see the “top ten business books” tag, which contains Baker’s dozen—thirteen of my top business books of all time.

If you want to establish your own shelf, you will have to sign in with a password. If you do, then you can request to become friends of people who you share a common reading interest.

You can visit Ed Kless’ shelf here.

Dan Morris’ shelf here.

Tom Hood of the Maryland Association of CPAs shelf here.

Mark Koziel, with the AICPA, shelf here.

We have also established a VeraSage group you can join, as well as becoming friends of any of our fellows.

Warning: Shelfari is incredibly addicting! Enjoy.


  1. Damn it, Ron! Now I have to keep this updated.

    It is not very efficient!

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