It’s the Quality of Life, Stupid

I often think that the real message of what we do at VeraSage gets lost in the mechanics of our theories. We spend so much time explaining the Firm of the Future’s New Practice Equation and what a tectonic shift it is for all Professional Knowledge Firms, that sometimes it must seems as if all we are interested in is profitability.

Nothing could be further from the truth. VeraSage exists to better the professions, and is really about a better quality of life for professionals. Sometimes I think this principle gets drowned out, given how inundated we are with “how to” questions.

Chris Marston has an excellent post that reminds us all why we do what we do. It is about changing lives, and firms, one at a time. It’s about creating tomorrow and not holding on to yesterday. It is about courage and vision, not last year’s P&L.

PKFs are eating their young, old, and everyone in between with their antiquated Firm of the Past paradigm. Chris reminds of the true Purpose of our Quest, and I hope you all read his insightful and inspiring post.

Changing Lives…One by One..Until We’re All Done!

Be sure to read the comments as well, especially the one by “Anonymous,” which is truly amazing and right on.


  1. Ed Kless, Senior Fellow, Verasage Institute says:

    Chris’ post and yours are right on. I spent all day yesterday with a group of our reselling partners at a boot camp for owners.

    A few of the participants kept insisting that I was not answering their questions and they were right. They were asking, how, how, how. I kept saying “Who cares!”

    Upon reflection, they were basically asking me to tell them how to keep doing what they were doing only better. I was telling them they need to change and they just did not want to.

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