Kless Suspended for 50 Days for Using HKT

When VeraSage asked Ed Kless to become a senior fellow, they were confident they could resurrect his fading career. Over the past two years, Kless has enjoyed a dramatic turnaround, evolving into one of Ron Baker most trusted advisors and confidants.

But Kless was suspended today for the next 50 days for violating VeraSage’s performance–enhancing policy, becoming the first to test positive under stricter guidelines implemented this year. As a result, VeraSage may be compelled to change the way they admit senior fellows.

“I have no one to blame but myself,” Kless said in a statement. “I used extremely poor judgment and deserve to be held accountable. Who knew that HKT (Human Knowledge Transfer, also known as a book) was restricted by so many in the professions. To my fellow fellows and the entire VeraSage organization, I am sorry. I truly regret what I did and hope that you can forgive me.”

Kless will not be paid during the suspension, but there are no other restrictions. He may continue to write for the blog and participate in the upcoming VeraSage meeting in Las Vegas. He will likely need to think in a rehabilitation assignment before being recalled.

Kless, who does not dispute the charges, is not certain to re–sign with the VeraSage, but his unavailability for the next 50 days complicates their plans. With Paul O’Byrne recovering from chemo–therapy, their only healthy blog poster under contract is Michelle Golden.

Kless has written about two postings a month for VeraSage, including several that have been picked up by RainToday. VeraSage’s spokesman, Michelle Golden, said all the fellows supported VeraSage’s joint prevention and treatment program and would not comment further.


  1. I was reviewing our VeraSage articles when this one stood out. We offer Ed Kless our support during this difficult time. Ed Kless, you may count on our full confidence and trust when you return!

    Eric K Fetterolf

    Aries Technology Group

  2. Ed,

    What can I say? You will always be a guru to me.


  3. I join Rob in the group of people who are lost for the details.

    I’m still not sure whether it’s a joke or something more serious. What’s the fuss about Human Knowledge Transfer?

    Waiting for enlightenment.

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