Another Bad Habit to Break

I just got off the phone with a colleague who ended the call by saying to me, “Thanks for your time.” What he meant was, “Thanks for your knowledge.” It really did not matter that it was a 10 minute call, but rather the fact that he obtained the information he needed.

My new mini-quest is to: a) correct people when they say the former to me, and b) stop saying it myself. Who will join me?


  1. Ed,

    Nice to see you showing contrition for your abuse of HKT. We simply cannot tolerate an “unlevel” playing field.

    I agree with you about the “Thanks for your time” comment. It’s inane, even though it may be good manners.

    It’s one more change we will have to make as we adjust from an Industrial to a Knowledge Era.

  2. Ed,

    What a great idea! “Thanks for your knowledge” is a wonderful expression of exactly what we all mean and loose in the rote response “thanks for your time.”

    This could be one of my favorite expressions right after “I’m confused.”


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