Chefs or Cooks

I watched the stage production of 1776 last night. They were knowledge men and knowledge workers! I tire of listening to partners of firms as they look at team members as mere labor and hence the firm leadership stifles the profession and people leave; possibly never to return.

I so dislike Tax Season!

We have the raw ingredients – yet too many of our leaders are cooks and not chefs. Doers and not thinkers. Followers and not leaders. Facilitators of death instead of creators of life. I think little of our Profession’s ability to lead.


  1. I love the distinction. And as a result of this , the cooks who are busy peeling potatoes are regarded as productive professionals but the chefs who are thinking about ways of making the next wedding reception dinner more exciting and foodwise more memorable are regarded as slackers because their muscles are not working.

    And while we can pay the cook an hourly wage for the labour, incorrect but doable, how do we pay the chef for thinking of delivering higher client value and occasionally slapping on his forehead when he comes up with a good idea?

    But the problem is that guests are coming to the restaurant for great meals in a great atmosphere not for peeled potatoes. Yet, potato-peeling is rewarded because someone believes that’s where the value lies. Hm…

    I’ve seen similar problems in high-tech when, computer repair people mistakenly call themselves IT consultants. And even the industry is confused about it. But I think, Ed (Kless) has plenty of horror stories on this puppy.



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