Free 8 Hour Webcast: Measure What Matters to Customers

On Friday, February 12, I conducted an 8-hour CPE course for the California CPA Education Foundation: Measure What Matters to Customers: Using Key Predictive Indicators.

There were approximately 25 people in the live audience, and for the first time (for me), it was Webcast to approximately 65 people.

This course explains:

  • The essential and critical difference between efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The Business of the Past versus The Business of the Future—a new business model.
  • The difference between a performance and predictive indicator.
  • How to establish KPIs for your business.
  • KPIs for knowledge workers.
  • Other interesting issues raised by the audience.

The Foundation Team did a wonderful job handling the technology, and moderating the questions from the Webcast audience. Since we show video clips, it has always been a challenge to pull off a Webcast, but this went smoothly.

You can view the entire program here. (Be sure to fast forward through the lunch hour, as they keep the camera rolling).

I hope you find it valuable and thought provoking.

And as always, any and all feedback is more than welcome.


  1. Hey Ron,

    Thanks for pointing this out. This is why I love the internet and I love working for myself. I rearranged my day so I could watch this and it was great. I’ve been a fan of your books for a while now and it was great to “see” you in action.

    Thanks for the idea of having leading indicators to check during a seminar presentation, that’s something I’m going to work on right away.


  2. Celeste Hutchison says:

    My favorite part: Turds be fired!

  3. I’ve been through the webcast a few times and have ordered several of the books you’re recommended.

    Right now I’m reading the Jack Bergstrand book, Reinvent Your Enterprise, which goes into the very details of knowledge work, and points out the traditional MBA-driven management that is stuck in the dark ages of Frederick Taylor.

    As a result, knowledge workers are often hired as day labourers as per “The Job” video.

    And as a result of antiquated hiring practices, many professional firms are “stuffed” with apathetic drones like Keith from the performance appraisal video.

    The webcast was brilliant, and I look forward to seeing other webcasts from you.

    Yes, the 8 hours may seem like serious commitment of “arse time”, but it’s worth.


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