Human Capital Questions

Peter Drucker believed the main focus of the knowledge worker needs to be on the task to be done—with all other distractions eliminated as much as possible—and this is defined by the worker him– or herself. Asking knowledge workers the following questions (adapted from Peter Drucker and other sources) about their jobs is a rich source of learning a great deal about any organization. This will help your firm change from a human resources allocation mentality to one of attracting intellectual capital investors, who are ultimately volunteers.

  • What should my contribution be?
  • What should you be expected to contribute?
  • How fair are those expectations?
  • How could I make the greatest contribution using my strengths, my ways of performing, my values, to what needs to be done?
  • What results have to be achieved to make a difference?
  • What hinders you in doing your task and should be eliminated?
  • What progress are you making in your career?
  • How is the firm helping you to achieve your professional goals and aspirations?
  • What does the firm do right and what should it continue doing?
  • What are the firm’s weaknesses and what should it stop doing?
  • What critical things should the firm start doing?

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