Now where have I heard this before?

Robert Faletra with ChannelWeb posted this brief article this yesterday about the coming Perfect Storm in the IT (and I would argue all knowledge workers) talent pool.

BTW – The answer to the rhetorical question is – “Right here at VeraSage!”


  1. Eric Fetterolf says:

    Interesting article. Does it bring up a point about training? Here we have one company investing heavily in it employees who then bolt to another comapny. The immediate (obvious) reason is $$$, but one has to ask why bolt if the first company’s culture is so heavily grounded in expanding your knowledge? Isn’t that what Verasage teaches – if you bring the culture, the people will come (and stay)?

    I’d be interested in your (and Ron’s) opinion of this behavior.

  2. @Eric – You are correct, you must create great culture first!

    Training, however, is not optional. As I have said so often – The question is not what if I train them and the leave. The question is what if you don’t train them and they stay!

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