Senior Fellow Michelle Golden on blogging in Accounting Today

I’ve always known VeraSage Senior Fellow Michelle Golden knows more about blogging than just about anyone in the professions, which is precisely why I sought her out to build VeraSage’s Web site (I’m also the only one stupid, or blind, enough to refer to Michelle as a “fellow”). She is the reason I became a convert to blogging, as I’ll admit I was initially skeptical about this medium, holding the view that most blogs are worth what you pay for them.

One of the traits I find most useful about blogs is they can be used to manage an individual’s or firm’s intellectual capital. Blogs also force knowledge workers to write and read. If you want to really know what you think of something, write about it. It’s different than speaking or making a video, as it forces you to be logical, cogent and reasoned. So all this chatter about blogs replacing books, I think, is nonsense. Blogs and books are compliments, like hot dogs and mustard; not substitutes like coffee and tea.

Michelle’s expertise is on display in the recent issue of Accounting Today (Aug 20-Sept 9, 2007) in the article “Blogging for Dollars.”

Well worth reading.

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