The World of Knowledge

In response to Rita Keller’s post titled “The World of ‘I Don’t Have Enough Time.'”

CPA firms SHOULD BE all about KNOWLEDGE. So…

Sell your knowledge.
Track your knowledge very carefully.
Always try to balance your knowledge.
Leverage your knowledge.
Leverage everyone’s knowledge.
Work almost entirely for knowledge, especially this time of year.
Wear your knowledge as a badge of honor … “I had 200 CPE hours last year.”
Feel guilty if you don’t know all of your family’s SSNs: kids, spouse and so on.
Judge the efforts of your team based on their investment and/or acquisition of knowledge.
Know thyself.

With knowledge being so valuable in the CPA firm world, isn’t it amazing how stupid we can be? Partners meeting over and over again to talk about how to get people to fill out their time sheets. Asking a committee to diagnose poor realization rates.

Here’s advice from Ron Baker that I would like all of you in the CPA firm management world to take to heart:
Bury the billable hour – and the horse it rode in on.


  1. I’m with you on almost all of this, but I request a pass on remembering my kid’s Social Security numbers (I do know my wife’s number though).

  2. Hey Greg,

    I read Ms Keller’s post and need to realise the error of my ways. This rubbush that I do in my business – you know – not keeping timesheets and being focussed on delivery of customer needs as they have expressed them, not what I think they need. I can see how wrong I have been!

    We must remember that the whole reason for being as an accountant is to sell time. That’s what people (our clients) want – they don’t want results, resolution or guidance, they want us to spend time. The more tiem we spend (and therefore bill) on their work, the happier they will be! It’s just so bloody obvious – I’m ashamed that I haven’t been able to grasp it up until now.

    I do have one small niggling question though…. The five referrals I received last week from our existing customers who get their work priced up front after having it properly scoped out and developing a full understanding of their needs and wants…. will those referrals still come if move to billing by time?

    I know these are silly questions, but feel the need to ask them.

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