Marston’s On Fire With ‘Why Professionals Don’t Get It’

Marston_2 My always controversial friend (and fellow VeraSage fellow) Chris Marston musta had an extra shot of espresso on Thursday…he was heated!

30-something Christopher Marston runs Exemplar Law Partners, the Boston law firm touting "no hourly bill, no hourly bull–law practice the way it should be."

He not only graduated from the relatively new schools of value pricing and blowing up the partnership model, he is breaking new ground daily in both of these areas. He shares his thoughts regularly on his Inside the Firm of the Future blog.

In keeping with his ‘take no prisoners’ blogging style, Chris’ latest post, "Top 10 Reasons Why Professionals Don’t ‘Get It’ When it Comes to Pricing and Service" doesn’t sugarcoat how he really feels about most of the legal profession (much applies to accounting, too).

Abrasive? Yup. But well worth the read. Chris makes several valid points.

(originally posted on Golden Practices)

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