Milton Friedman’s Free to Choose TV Series

In honor of Milton Friedman, Idea Channel TV is streaming the 1980 and 1990 PBS Series, Free to Choose. This series was a complement to his book—co-authored with his economist wife, Rose—of the same name.

This is a great series on the lessons of liberty and the ideas of Dr. Friedman. Towards the ending of each series, Friedman has a debate with at least one economist who disagrees with him. It’s a fantastic lesson in forensics, and very instructive.

For residents of California, you may find the introduction to Volume I (1990) by Arnold Schwarzenegger quite ironic. Given his track record as Governor of the Golden State, he seems to have forgotten most of Friedman’s lessons on limited government, spending and taxation.

On Januray 29, 2007, PBS will air a biography on Dr. Friedman, “The Power of Choice: The Life and Ideas of Milton Friedman.”

Thank you goes to the Idea Channel for making these fantastic series available.

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