For the past six months I have been delivering a workshop for Sage partners on developing business strategy in a small business. There is nothing like teaching a subject over a sustained period of time to help you clarify your thoughts.

(By the way, I believe this is the case because of the number of times you are challenged by participants. So to those of you who challenged me, I thank you!)

In my last session in Herndon, VA, I believe I have stumbled across the Mother of All Strategy Questions – MOASQ.

Most strategy sessions begin with the following premise – How much revenue do we need to make (in the time period for the plan) and how are we going to achieve it?

MOASQ shifts this – “How much value are we going to create for our customers (in the period) and how are we going to do that?”



  1. Eric Fetterolf says:


    I’d add the following to the question:
    “… and how are we going to achieve it and how do we acquire our portion of that value?”

    Several potential customers look for high value without compensating for that value. We need to allot our resources to those that will compensate us for the value added to their business.

  2. I agree, but I think that question would follow from the MOASQ, not be part of it.

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