Dan Morris to be Interviewed Friday Morning on KMZQ 670 AM

I am extremely honored to be an invited guest on the morning show hosted by Steve Wark and Leonard Wright on Las Vegas’ hot talk station KMZQ 670 AM. I will be taking part in their weekly program called Financial Fridays. I am to be interviewed on the concept of Intellectual Capitalism: Why Entrepreneurs are Great for America. This will be a very upbeat segment and I am to be interviewed for a full hour. You can listen via the Web at the link above and you can call in.

Like any excellent VeraSage program, I will have full academic freedom to speak my mind. There will be no “taboo” topics. I am sure we’ll discuss politics, ethics, sex, and heck….maybe even religion. I’ll be discussing why leaders have an obligation to have and maintain firm ethical foundations – not just at some times, but all the times, everyday. How Congress fails the Kantian tenet of having to live by the rules and regulations forced upon the Citizens. How our Country is so full of Grace that we really help those struck by disasters. Why even though we are blitzed with populous media about how bad everything is that in reality we are “way OK”.

How lucky we are to live in such a miraculous land where we can be a complete stranger in a new city and at 3 AM, walk into a bakery and order a customized sandwich, hand them a shiny (in my case dull and overused) piece of plastic and walk out with a meal and full stomach. No government Czar is required. Simply engaged people interested in their own lives yet open to servicing others. What a great country.

Please join us on Friday – and enjoy the show.



  1. Dan – with respect to ethics – thought you might be interested in this article by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of “The Black Swan.” Perhaps some fodder for your interview? Good luck…


  2. Dan Morris says:


    Thanks and I will review. I have read both the Black Swan and his first book, Fooled by Randomness. I respect Taleb’s thinking and writing very much.



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