Fun with anagrams

I must have had too much time on my hand this weekend, so for whatever reason I ended up surfing into an anagram web site.

Again, I am not sure what possessed me, but I ended up typing in the phrases hourly billing, value pricing, and pricing on purpose. I came up with with nothing all that interesting.

Then I put in Ron Baker. Some suggested alternatives include: Break Nor, Barker On, Rare Knob, Ark Borne, Ran Broke and my personal favorite, Rank Bore!

In case you are interested the only anagram for my name is Eds Elks.

Glad I don’t bill by the hour, ’cause this this could get addicting.


  1. Ed,

    Ha ha. You and Paul O’Byrne must have surfed the same sight. He posted the “Rank Bore” anagram on years ago with:

    The Ron Baker clerihew…
    The writer is Ronald J Baker
    but says call me “Ron Baker” the speaker
    I assume he never saw
    the anagram: “Rank bore”

    Unfortunately, when I type in Paul O’Byrne the only one I like is: “A Bluer Pony.”

    Good thing O’Byrne doesn’t read this blog…

  2. Damn, I am not even original!

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