Globe-Trotting VeraSage Fellows

The last few months have been very active for this VeraSage Fellow. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting some fellow Fellows around the globe.

In late November, I met New Zealand Senior Fellows Peter Byers and Yan Zhu in Southern Australia when they kindly hosted my husband and I on a sight-seeing adventure. We’re pictured together at the Twelve Apostles, both on the ground and in a chopper from which observed nature’s brilliant work from an unforgettable perspective.

In January, Daryl Golemb of San Diego, CA hosted Ron Baker and me for a fabulous dinner (and plenty o’ wine) at his place in Lake Tahoe. (I sure wish I’d had my camera!)

And about a week ago, Paul O’Byrne and Paul Kennedy hosted me at their delightfully bright and comfy offices in Goffs Oak, England. And Paul O’Byrne took me on a fabulous tour of London and suburbs. Who else would have taken me to a real English pub and to the birthplace of Posh Spice?

Most interestingly, as Paul toured me around, I couldn’t help but notice the large number of CLOCKS in Britain. They are EVERYwhere! I had to ask Paul, “so, is England also the ‘birthplace’ of professionals’ obsession with tracking time?”.

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