VeraSage & Principa Bring You “A Day With the Disrupters” for CPAs

A Day With the Disrupters takes place on June 8, the day before the AICPA PS/TECH and AAM conference at Bellagio in Las Vegas.

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And if you attend our day, you can receive special pricing for the AICPA/AAM event! When you register for the AICPA/AAM conference, use code “PTA13P” to receive $225 off!

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What We’re Covering:

Are you ready to transform your accounting practice? Is it time to break out of the pack? Are you getting itchy realizing that it’s time for a new business model?

This is where you’ll find what you need to know to bring passion and purpose to the forefront of your practice, and improve the quality of your life and the lives of your team members and customers.

Join Ron Baker of VeraSageMichelle Golden of Golden PracticesMelinda Guillemette of Melinda Motivates, and Ric Payne of Principa for a day of mind-exploding discussion. This very special event (NOT your typical conference feel or format) is sure to leave you inspired and prepared to define and design your firm.

When you are breaking down barriers to bettering CPA firms, no subject is safe. Expect the day’s content to span:

  • Business Model Innovation
  • Strategy is About Saying “No”
  • The Six Principles of Leadership
  • The Intellectual Economy
  • Creating and Capturing Value
  • Measuring What Matters

Your takeaways from this incredible day include:

  • Learn how to reinvent your business model, transforming it into something unique that works for YOU—then take the process back to use with your customers
  • Get into the trenches discussing customer selection and deselection, and how to fire without damaging your reputation
  • Understand the concept of “emotional capacity” and why it’s so crucial to factor this in to your business model
  • Discover what replaces timesheets and discuss in depth a variety of KPIs (key predictive indicators) that could work for you
  • Explore essential ways to demonstrate leadership and engender trust among your colleagues
  • Prepare to define, inspire, recognize, and reward the behaviors that will make your business better;  understand how compensation is a tool, not a weapon
  • Hear exactly how to move your customers up the value curve and feel confident that you’re doing the right and honorable thing while you do so

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