On Conscious Capitalism and Pricing

Originally, I intended to just write up a quick post on a book I am rereading, Conscious Capitalism by Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, but then I was presented with an interesting pricing case study.

First off, read Conscious Capitalism. It is absolutely fantastic and definitely in the top three books that I read from 2013.

Now the pricing case study.

When search for the link to Conscious Capitalism, I notice that there are two Kindle prices on Amazon.com one for the “hardcover” edition and one for the “softcover” edition.



Any thoughts as to why this might be?

BTW – The link above is for the cheaper version.



  1. This happens from time to time when new editions of books come out. Are you suggesting that it’s a pricing experiment and not just an operational / systems snafu?

  2. I am wondering if it is a possible experiment. If not, why is there a new Kindle edition with the release of a paperback?

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