I am not sure how I ended up at this site today, but I did.

It is pathetic. If there was ever any doubt that a professional knowledge firm is based purely on intellectual capital, this proves it.

This is what remains of Andersen.


  1. And, arrogance can readily de-base a PKF.
    My business as a speaker and consultant is vastly different today than it was five years ago. I am continually learning, so that I may continue to be a valuable resource to my clients. Hence, why I hang around you people, and others. If you think improving yourself can be expensive in terms of time and money, then consider the cost of ignorance. Or, just look at Andersen’s website!

  2. That site looks like a tombstone. It should have the dates it was “alive” on it.

    One question, “Who is paying for the continued hosting?”

  3. My bet is the lawyers.

    The site screams, “Send all legal correspondence to…”


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