Paul O’Byrne: Cancer survivor in the making

Since the post from May 28th that published Paul’s letter announcing his cancer, we have been asked by many people how he is doing.

Paul recently set up Blog to keep everyone posted on his treatment and progress. You can also leave him comments. Here is the letter he sent announcing this, along with an update on his condition:

Dear friends

I hope you understand and forgive the impersonal
nature of a bulk email and … a blog. So many of you
want to keep in touch but don’t want to hassle—bless
you. Some may not want to be pestered by bulk emails
or want too much detail, so you can go to the blog or

So I’ve set up links from what is now just a referral
site here. What I will be keeping
regularly posted is the blog so you can get updates.
you can go direct to it here.

You will see under each entry there is a line that
says x comments, you can click there and make comments
that will appear on the blog. Next to it is an
envelope icon, so you an forward that blog entry to
someone by email. Feel free to use them as you wish.

As I keep saying the warmth of feeling is a great
tonic—thank you all.


Paul is handling this amazingly well; what an inspiration to all of us.

All of our prayers and wishes are with him, always.

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