Presenting the Preval

Two weeks ago, I attended at Sage Leadership Academy Alumni Association retreat where the speaker was Doug McVadon of Dorrier Underwood. Doug’s topic was fascinating – new discoveries in brain function and their impact on what we know about leadership and communication – but, it was something he did before the class that inspired me; he gave the participants a Preval, a pre-course, self-evaluation.

This got me to thinking that as good as the Best Damn Evaluation is, it only gets feed back at the end. To rectify this, Ron Baker has begun some of his sessions by showing the questions from the evaluation at the beginning of the class. He said that this alone has created a noticeable change in the dialogue. The Preval marries these two great ideas together.

So with out further ado, I hereby present to you – The Preval! –> Personal_pre-valuation.pdf

Please feel free to download and begin to use it. If you have any feedback on it please either comment below or shoot me an email.

I am grateful already for the feedback I have received on the beta version from Ron and Dan Morris of VeraSage, Apryl Hanson, a colleague at Sage, and Howard Hansen, mentor extraordinaire from Healing Leaders.


  1. I love the pre-evaluation idea! So many times as speakers / trainers / facilitators we feel the pressure to create a good experience, and deliver great content. But no matter how good we are, we need the audience’s energy and engagement if we want to transform an ordinary event into an extraordinary one. This form reminds everyone to do their part. Thanks for sharing. (And yes, with you permission, I’m stealing it for my upcoming Duct Tape Marketing group coaching sessions!)

    Adrianne Machina

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