A Doctor with the Right Idea

It is not often that we at VeraSage comment on medical practitioners. This is not because we do not view them as knowledge workers, rather, it is because the system of third party payers — insurance companies (ugh) and governmental programs (double ugh) — is no where near a free market and therefore such examples are many times hopelessly flawed.

That being said, I recently came across a blog post from TechDirt which demonstrates that at least one physician out there is willing to be innovative. Here is a little of the text:

Dr. Jay Parkinson, a Brooklyn doctor, brought the house call back — but it’s been updated for the times. Parkinson has started a new medical practice that centers around instant messenger, email and house calls. During regular business hours, he is available to his patients for online medical consultations. Dr. Parkinson then pays the patient a house call only if it is really necessary (you get two included house calls in the fee), but most issues can be addressed virtually.

Kudos to Dr. Jay Parkinson! As a native Brooklynite myself, he makes me proud.

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