A New Excuse

Ron Baker’s recent post on Hard Times taking down the billable hour reminded me of a new objection excuse I am now hearing about why a firm cannot make the transition to pricing with purpose — the economy.

So let’s take a look at the new complete list of excuses. I can’t get off of the billable hour because:

  1. We are a big firm
  2. We are a small firm
  3. We are in a large market
  4. We are in a small market
  5. We support a wide variety of customers
  6. We support a small niche of customers
  7. We serve big customers
  8. We serve small customers
  9. We are an architecture/consulting/accounting/law/engineering/advertising/marketing/technology firm
  10. We could do this with new customers, but not with long-time customers
  11. We could do this with long-time customers, but not with new customers
  12. We are in a troubled economy
  13. We are in an expanding economy

Am I missing any?

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