Another Accountant Counts the Ways

By Guest Blogger, Brenda Richter, CPA

Earlier this week, an accountant from Texas sent a letter to Dear Abby suggesting ways that clients can “help out” during tax time. I couldn’t disagree with this accountant more.
Here’s my response:


By: Brenda Richter, CPA and A Member of the Principa Alliance

Dear Abby,

As a CPA, I was horrified when I read the letter from Sleepless in Texas (03/26/07), the accountant who listed ways to help out during tax time.

I encourage your readers who recognize their CPA in that letter to change CPAs at once. There are plenty of CPAs who enjoy their work, enjoy their customers and organize their accounting business so that they are well rested and alert to provide the best service.

I propose the following ways to help out during tax time:

1) Do feel free to drop by anytime. You are always welcome in our office. We hope you feel it is a place where you can get things done, solve your problems and gain peace of mind. If your primary CPA is not available, you can meet with one of our other highly qualified Team members.

2) Tell us about your children, family, business, hobbies, etc. The more we know about you the better we can serve you and provide you with appropriate advice and solutions. Arrange to come in more than once a year. The most valuable service we offer is proactive planning.

3) Be honest with us up front regarding your budget for professional services. That way, we can design a fixed price agreement to suit your needs before work starts.

4) Encourage your family, friends and colleagues to call us if they need help. Referrals are the best way you can thank us for a job well done.

5) If you have a question regarding the financial consequences of a decision you are trying to make, call us. After all, your fixed price agreement includes an annual consulting agreement to discuss such matters. Of course, if your questions require additional research and analysis, we will issue a change order and provide you with up front pricing for the additional work.


Well Rested in California

Read the original letter from Sleepless in Texas.


  1. Ed Kless, Senior Fellow, Verasage Institute says:

    So perhaps the larger question is why doesn’t “Dear Abby” allow comments on her website like a blogger does?

    Great response Brenda!!!

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